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Twin Peaks in a Cloud

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Less than a two hour drive from Los Angeles, you can explore the most incredible nature. Just north of Riverside rises the San Bernadino mountain range, home to a few small towns and miles of protected national forests. I went for a week late in May, most of my time being spent within a cloud.

On the way to the cabin, I spotted some beautiful sodium vapor lights glowing through a cloud at the sheriff's station. I was so excited to capture the contrast between the glowing orange and the hazy teal colored light of dusk.

The Airbnb host at The Writer's Retreat cabin told us about a fire lookout just up the hill from the cabin. The mountain happened to be wrapped in another cloud, so there wasn't much of a view to look out on. But it was still really cool to capture the surrounding towers enveloped in haze.

After exploring the fire lookout, there was a forest down the hill that was so serene to walk through. There were tall cedars and sugar pines shrouded in the clouds. The forest was silent but for the raindrops tapping on fallen leaves.

Clouds coming into the Twin Peaks area at around 2pm.

A baby Sequoia grove at the Heaps Peak Arboretum. These trees are about 100 years old and so big already!

LouEddie's Pizza was a great stop after a few intense hikes. Their outdoor area was so photogenic.

Hearts on a douglas fir <3

A stop at a picnic area, and another walk through a cloud.

The last stop of the trip was back up the mountain to the fire lookout to witness the most gorgeous sunset amongst rolling clouds.

The wind was pushing the clouds up the side of the mountain until the sun made its final peek over the curve of the earth.


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